Saturday, January 27, 2007

Understanding the meaning of collaboration!

Research Paper:

Despite its infancy, some people are already suggesting that the writing may be on the wall for supply chain collaboration. It has been reported that such collaboration has proved difficult to implement; there has been an over-reliance on technology in trying to implement it; a failure to understand when and with whom to collaborate; and fundamentally a lack of trust between trading partners.
This paper proposes that a supply chain segmentation approach, based on customer buying behaviour and service needs, is the most appropriate context for collaboration. The paper also proposes the need for a greater understanding of the elements that make up supply chain collaboration, and in particular how the relevant cultural, strategic and implementation elements inter-relate with each other.
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Concept: From Collaboration to Performance

Concept: From Collaboration to Performance
Culture supports intra and inter-organizational collaboration which enables coordination and in turn improved performance